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Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design Mission Statement

Pomona College Organic Farm: Creating a Space to Grow People and Not Just Plants

What started as an eager group of starry-eyed students at Pomona College in 1998, led by our founder Geordie, eventually set the stage for the creation of Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design. Their goal was to create a community space that people could call their own; to learn and teach about sustainability and have fun while doing it. They used a diverse variety of fruit trees, principles of permaculture, and natural farming to transform a dumping ground on campus into a vibrant community space, creating an ecosystem buzzing with insects, and ideas of permaculture and sustainability. 

The Farm became a bountiful food forest and the home of the first permitted Earth Dome in LA county: a sustainable house made from Earth. This was how the Pomona College Organic Farm was born, and has since been adopted and recognized by the Claremont Colleges as an official place of education and expression.

They wanted to help bring what was magical and sustainable on the Farm into people’s lives, and Natural Earth became the best way to expand what was celebrated there.

Our Mission is Clear:

To educate the community about sustainability starting from the place in front of you: your garden. Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design strives to inspire people to be present and appreciate their place through the utilization of native plants and habitats, and inform others about the connection between ecosystems. 

From native pollinators to exotic fruits, growing food or entertaining friends, or simply wanting to enjoy being outside more, we are constantly improving people’s outdoor living environments and inspiring them to connect with the land around them.

Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design’s goal is to optimize your property to your needs in a way that will give you efficient function and aesthetic enjoyment. We want to promote a lifestyle that can access nature more readily, and inspire a sustainable, holistic approach to living amongst the garden.

Blending Form and Function

Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design strives towards creating a blend of form and function that not only yields a product that is beautiful, but also well used and productive. Too many gardens come from a place of form that is solely aesthetic, and are not functional in the environment, nor fun to live in.

Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design Core Values

It’s not just that we don’t spray Roundup that sets us apart from different landscaping companies; we prefer to make long lasting relationships, rather than just sending crappy emails.  We truly care about our clients as our friends and it’s our hope that every interaction is fun and inspiring, because we love what we do!

“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” ~Bill Mollison

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Natural Earth Sustainable Landscape & Design Values

Lean on the natural beauties of plants found in the California foothills. Penstemons, sages, salvias, oaks, and drifts of native grasses are a great place to start.

Promote bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds by planting natives. Eliminate excessive lawn areas, artificial turf, and destructive chemicals.

Promote water catchment through construction of bio swales, riparian plantings, rain gardens, and rain harvest systems.

Reconstruct sidewalks with antique brick, broken concrete, and low impact gravel.

Use quality drip irrigation materials to deliver water to plants species. Longer soak times with less frequent watering to promote resilience and optimal vibrancy in each species.

Convert antiquated irrigation controllers to smart controllers. Conserve water through automation and weather based shut off times.

Prioritize local and organic food production, water conservation, use of natives, and integrated pest management without traditional chemical herbicides or pesticides.

Use quality drip irrigation materials to deliver water to plants species. Longer soak times with less frequent watering to promote resilience and optimal vibrancy in each species.

“All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.” ~Geoff Lawton

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